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Penthouse Suite


Simplicity and elegance fused into our signature style.
White purity, tone on tone. The view and location are unique.

The designer Christine Hütter-Bönan held back on colors in the Penthouse Suite, which resembles a loft, to create an atmos­phere which gives the impression that you are floating over Heidelberg.
The bright colors of the city seem close enough to touch, giving you the feeling that you’ve got hold of the best place in the city to take in the beauty of Heidelberg, the Nekar and the magni­ficent castle.

Some furnis­hings in the penthouse were created by the designer herself.

A sculpture is enthroned on a pedestal in the dining area. Inter­na­tional aft offers the grand finale.
As if that wasn’t enough, you have your own exclusive terrace which invites you to relax even more, complete with your own private whirlpool as an added highlight.

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