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Heidelberg is situated in the Upper Rhine Valley, one of Germany’s warmest regions. It is surrounded by mountains and gentle hills. Heidelberg is often referred to as "Germany’s most romantic city", or even as "Germany’s most beautiful city". One reason for this is certainly the scenic beauty of the city on the river Neckar, as well as the impressing Old Town with its baroque facades. The ruins of the Heidelberg Castle on the northern slopes of the Koenigstuhl offer a matchless picture-postcard idyll.

For 500 years, Heidelberg was the residence of the Counts Palatine of the Rhine and capital city of the Electoral Palatinate (Kurpfalz). The ruins of the Castle and many other buildings bear witness of these turbulent times, which only ended in the 17th century.

Founded in 1386, Heidelberg’s University is the oldest university in Germany and today has 12 faculties. Around 34.000 students are currently enrolled – and give that certain juvenility and vitality to the city.

Especially the epoch of Romanticism, its philosophers, painters and poets characterized Heidelberg and made it well-known. Goethe, Hugo, von Eichendorff or Hoelderlin were inspired by the beauty of the landscape. While strolling along the alleys of Heidelberg, you automatically follow in the footsteps of famous writers and philosophers. The plain signs at many houses tell us who has once lived and worked there. What makes it really special, is the contrast between history and presence. On the one hand, history is omnipresent in the townscape, on the other hand, Heidelberg is influenced by modern science, economy and medicine.

The majority of the four million tourists are amazed at the diversity and the unknown faces of the "most northern Italian city". We will inspire you with our favorite spots. And we will show you interesting or even unusual activities to do in our city.