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Golfing in St. Leon-Rot Helicopter sightseeing flights over the castle Enjoy the river Neckar Heidelberg by bicycle


We know the best guest- and city guides who will introduce you to our city in a very unconventional and – most of all - personal way. Take a seat in our comfortable golf-cart, cuddled up in warm blankets and let us drive you to the most interesting places.

Our hotel is surrounded by a charming landscape. Enjoy the nature in our garden and the view of Heidelberg. In autumn 2009, we revived the vineyard on our estate. It is a real pleasure to have a picnic between the vines. We will be happy to prepare a picnic basket for you.

In good weather, we recommend a helicopter-flight over Heidelberg’s picturesque scenery. Fly over the Bavarian Forest of Odes (Bayerischer Odenwald) or over Ruedesheim and the Loreley to the world heritage Mittelrheintal. Our partner LGM offers extraordinary flight services – as well in connection with menus in exclusive restaurants.

Whether you are looking for a rather challenging or for a more relaxing golfing experience, in St. Leon-Rot all golfing options are open. Both of the championship courses St. Leon and Rot have greens and fairways of an outstanding quality. In addition, this award-winning golf court also offers a 9-hole short course.

From springtime to autumn it is worthwhile making an excursion on one of the tour ships of the Rhein-Neckar passenger ship company RNF. Cruise through the picturesque Neckar valley, passing fortresses, castles and historic villages. The landing stage is located in the Old Town, opposite the congress hall.

Experience a very special boat trip with a folding boat. The so called "river wanderer" can be rented all-day. Beginners will be introduced to the river. After a joint build-up of the folding boat, the novice gets a quick course about driving safety and nature conservation. All boats are registered and safety tested. Full speed ahead and ship ahoy!

How about true freedom high above the sky? No matter if you try parachuting on your own or if you choose a tandem parachute jump, afterwards you will know what happens above the clouds in free fall. The drop zone of our partner Avois is situated only 45 minutes from Heidelberg. A good alternative to free fall parachuting is indoor skydiving. In the safety of a wind tunnel and with professional assistance, the age-old dream of flying becomes reality for everyone.

You may also experience the fascination of flying in a more relaxing way: glide weightlessly with a paraglider over the Rhein-Neckar area, possible on many days per year. We will be pleased to organize a tandem paragliding flight for you.

After an active day you might seek for some peace. How about giving the day in enjoyable ending, with a delicious dinner in our garden pavilion? Your private cook will prepare a first class menu right before your eyes. Whether you wish a Candle-Light Dinner for two or a Live-Cooking for a small group – you will certainly enjoy the exclusiveness.